raving redknot fans

Thank you for such a positive experience with your team. Everyone was pleasant and the work was accurate and fast. I was very pleased with the quality of work and the time in which your team was able to accomplish what we needed. Your team was responsive and helpful during the planning and completion of the work requested.
— Jessica V, Cincinnati
We were so pleased to find a first house that exceeded our expectations and that was within our price range. When we had any issues prior to closing/moving in Mark and his team were quick to address the concern and fix the problem. The team didn’t just worry about aesthetics but with product durability and functional living. They didn’t cut corners and made sure that everything they did was done well.

Even months after we’ve been in the home, members at Redknot have reached out to make sure that everything is still working well. It’s great to know that this is a company that just doesn’t do the work and walk away. They are interested in making sure that they have happy customers long after the initial job is complete. They stand by their work and that’s important to me.
— Katie G, Glendale
The quality of the work was very good and I would highly recommend. Very easy to work with and delivered above expectations. It was difficult to even get other builders to call me back or follow through. Redknot was the exact opposite. A+
— Chris P, Mason